Event Communications

We provide mission critical communications and emergency incident management for events of all types.

Whether cycling, trail running, mountain biking or sailing, we ensure the safety of your competitors and spectators.

From surveying your precise requirements, specifying the correct hardware, through to managing the communications on the day, we work with the event organisers and local authorities to achieve our common goal..

Operations in Zero 3

Operations in Zero 3

Critical to this is the management of all emergency incidents that might occur during the event.  A comprehensive Incident Management System is employed to keep track and manage all incidents both current and completed. This, combined with a satellite based tracking, data communications and digital mapping system enables us to quickly dispatch the most relevant resource to the incident.

To enable efficient operations and also to comply with current regulations, we establish a Venue Operations Centre in conjunction with the responsible local authorities. This ensures efficient communications with core functions such as SAPS Law Enforcement, Traffic, Disaster Risk Management and Fire Services.

All important personnel and units, whether medical, logistic or event management are equipped with radios programmed to the specific event configuration while all messages and communications are logged, in both text and audio format for immediate and post event debrief.