We provide a set of structured services to suit the size and complexity of your event. Whichever service you select, you are always assured of a professional and experienced approach to any emergency incidents that may occur.

The services we offer are as follows:

Contribute to the compilation of the event safety planIf RequiredIf RequiredIf RequiredYes
Liaise with local emergency services and law enforcement both before and during the eventIf RequiredIf RequiredYesYes
Utilise existing communications infrastructureIf AvailableYesYesIf Available
Logging of IncidentsYesYesYesYes
Manage the VOCYesIf RequiredIf RequiredIf Required
Hire and issuing of portable radios to event crewNoYesYesYes
Emergency management and dispatch of available medical resourcesNoYesYesYes
Train event crew in radio and operational proceduresNoNoIf RequiredYes
Manage battery charging for portable radiosNoNoYesYes
Tracking and situational awareness of critical medical and logistic resourcesNoNoMedical OnlyYes
Control and co-ordinate communications and message flow between all field units and the Venue Operations Centre (VOC)NoNoYesYes
Computer and Audio Logging of all Radio CommunicationsNoNoComputer OnlyYes
Provision of full communications log report after the eventNoNoYesYes
Full radio communications infrastructure set-up and operation during the eventNoNoNoYes
Installation of mobile radios into event crew vehiclesNoNoNoYes
Set up LAN based log and digital map access for VOC personnelNoNoNoYes